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TwinPoint autobelay

Описание автоматической страховки для скалодрома

Description of autobelay for climbing walls

TwinPoint autobelay it’s specially created device for climbing walls, which allows for high and safe climbing without a partner.

Traditional climbing with top-roping or lead climbing necessarily requires participation of two people: belayer and the climber himself. During the climbing belayer pays out rope during the ascent, and manually arrests the climber's fall by locking the rope, typically with some form of belay device.

The main point of autobelay is that while ascending to the top an ultra-durable rope draws into device under self-tension. In case of falling or releasing hands smooth descent occurs on safety belt with the same comfortable speed for all, regardless of climber’s weight.

For climbers safety in TwinPoint autobelays we are using the unique double safety system..

Технические характеристики и комплектация

Technical characteristics and equipment

Max descent height 16 m
Max descent speed 0.5 - 2 m/s
Weight of the climber 10 - 150 kg
Acceptable temperature for using an autobelay from +1 to +45 degrees
Dimensions 220 х 310 х 380 mm
Weight 27 kg
TwinPoint autobelay is suitable for:
  • Entertainment climbing walls (attractions)
  • Lead climbing walls with overhanging
  • Speed climbing walls including an Standardized Climbing walls 15.55 m height according to BS EN 12572-1:2007 requirements.

Operations manual

For each devise attached the Operations manual, where you can find:
  • Description
  • Safety and operating instructions
  • Regular inspection, plan inspection by manufacturer instructions
  • Webbing line replacement instructions
  • Data about the manufacturer, certification, standards and marking
  • Certificate of the regulatory technics
  • Warranty conditions

Automation is the best solution for climbing walls, where are many routes. In the presence of such kind devices, it will be enough 1-2 instructors for 30-40 working routes at the same time. The main task of instructor are: correctly put the safety belt on the client, lock the safety belt to the carabiner on webbing line before ascending.

Our autobelay is easy to install, maintain and usage, also guaranteed to be reliable at minimum operating costs and maintenance costs.

It’s the best solution for safety climbing. If you decided to buy an aoutobelay for clmbing wall, contact CC FormAT for consultation and get your personal discount!

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