Safety of belay automat

In order to create 100% of the conditions for safe climbing, CC FormAT used
A unique dual system for autobelay.


The brake mechanism of autobelay

The brake

The brake mechanism reacts immediately after the start of a free descent or the fall of a climber, if the speed of the descent exceeds 1-2 m / sec.

This mechanism controls the smoothness of the descent.

The braking mechanism is designed for a load that is at least 3-4 times higher than the weight of an adult person weighing 150 kg, which guarantees 100% serviceability under the observance of the Operating Rules.


Licking mechanism of autobelay


The locking mechanism reacts by a sudden increase in the pulling speed of the webbing line (if the braking mechanism does not work due to non-observance of the Operating Rules).

In this case a complete blockage of the descent / fall occurs.

FormAT uses certified components that have passed the necessary tests that comply with European and homeland standards and have a significant margin of safety. For example, as a webbing line, we use a specially designed line for climbing (breaking load 1,500 kgf (15 kN), as fastening - steel carbines with swivel and automatic latch, which prevent twisting of the webbing line (longitudinal load 35 kN lateral load kN), and as a safety system we recommend safety harnesses (with an estimated weight of up to 490 kg).

Realizing the owners of climbing walls, we provided for the third security system: security for business. In particular, we have made liability insurance when using TwinPoint autobelay. Receiving autobelay with insurance policy, first of all you receive moral, and of course financial protection from all standard and individual risks for harm caused to the life and health of third parties (including visitors of the climbing wall).

IMPORTANT: in order to prevent injuries and damage to the life and health of visitors, operators (instructors) are required to follow the Safety Instructions, the Operating Instructions, the Installation Instructions, the Inspection and Maintenance Instructions, the Safety Tape Replacement Instruction and the TwinPoint autobelay. TwinPoint is designed specifically for use on climbing walls as a safety device.

The using of autobelay for any purpose other than those provided by FormAT is prohibited. Owners and operators of autobelay are responsible for the safety and operation of any person using the TwinPoint autobelay, are required to study, and comply with the instructions before using the autobelay. These instructions should always be with the operator or the owner in the place of installation of the autobelay.