At CK FormAT, we believe that safety should always come first. We are committed to providing the best and safest climbing experience possible. That's why we have implemented a double safety system for auto belay device.

How does climbing auto belay work?


The brake mechanism of autobelay

The brake

The brake mechanism reacts immediately after the start of a free descent. It controls the smoothness of the descent. The braking mechanism is designed for maximum weight of 150 kg.


Licking mechanism of autobelay


The locking mechanism reacts in case the brake mechanism exceeds the descent speed of 2 m/sec. In this case a complete blockage of the descent / fall occurs. The locking mechanism starts only in case of violation of operation, such as violation of Factory annual recertification with brake pads replacement, excess of climbers weight 150 kg, wrong operation.

FormAT uses certified parts that have passed the necessary tests and comply with European standards, such as:

  • webbing line of polyamide Dyneema yarn lanyard, 20 mm width, 2.0 mm thickness, tenacity min. 23.5 kN
  • mounting of safety harnesses to webbing line as swivel with two triple locking carabiners with the minimum load in form of tensile force 23 kN

IMPORTANT: in order to prevent injuries and damage to the life and health of climbers, operators (instructors) are required to follow the Safety Instructions, the Operating Instructions, the Installation Instructions, the Inspection and Maintenance Instructions, the Safety Tape Replacement Instruction and the TwinPoint autobelay. TwinPoint is designed specifically for use on climbing walls as a safety device.

Before installation and operation, it is strictly required to read this manual. This manual contains complete information on the safe installation, operation, service of TwinPoint autobelay, as well as on registration and warranty conditions.

Make sure this Operation Manual is always available to operators.