of autobelay

Safety with autobelay

  • The human factor is excluded (belayer) as well as a risk of falling, i.e. with top-roping or lead-climbing the human mistakes of belayer are possible or force majeure circumstances may be occur. Which is solving by acquisition an autobelay. Purchasing an autobelay is possible in the absence of human life. The price of autobelay is like an assurance of life pricelessness.
  • The opportunity to climb by oneself: there is no need to search, negotiate and wait for a partner every time when you want to climb. You can make your own schedule for a free visit to the climbing wall. Especially this applies to the morning or lunchtime on weekdays, when most friends and acquaintances at work.
  • Autobelay is a safe partner unlike novices or belayers, to which you are applying for the first time due to absence of other options.
  • A convenient solution for novice climbers: now you do not need to take a belay course and worry at the first ascent. You can just come, fasten the belt and make the ascent.
  • The best solution for clients on entertainment climbing walls, where often customers are newcomers and do not always want to waste time and strain to get familiar with manual insurance. In addition, as practice has shown, confidence in the certified device is higher than in the belaying person. That is an autobelay insurance increases the attractiveness and attendance of the attraction.
  • Autobelays are created 100% for climbing walls, therefore, they are the best way to practice in climbing safely.

Advantages of autobelay for climbing wall.

The use of autobelay allows you to increase the profit of the climbing wall, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary risks.

In particular, with the acquisition of autobelay there is no need to search, screen out and train instructors-climbers. In addition, you do not need to spend time and money HR-s or managers for this work.

This applies as a climbing wall on 1 track, where it is profitable to have 2 employees. (one fell ill, retired .... and the second at work).

Especially this applies to climbing walls, where there are several or many paths and routes. Firstly, it is not always possible to find an operatively sufficient number of necessary and suitable employees for the position of the instructor. Secondly, with irregular group sessions (birthdays, corporate parties, etc.) on the climbing wall there must be one or several instructors. And if you imagine that there are days (holidays, weekends, vacations), when simultaneously on 30-40 tracks you need 30-40 healthy and ready to work instructors?

At the same time, the human factor is excluded with autobelay, which means there is no risk of a client falling from a height, which is the main point of safety for both: customers and businesses.

In addition, clients of the climbing wall, especially new climbers, are much more confident in the safety of autobelay than in insuring climbers.

As the practice of managing the own network of sports and entertaining climbing walls of CC FormAT has shown, the presence of an autobelay system makes the climbing wall a real attraction, adds interactivity and a game component to it, which increases profit at times. For example, our experience with the installation of climbing walls with manual top-roping belay, and afterwards with automatic, in the same mall Karavan, Kharkov, where the difference in visits is several times.

Reasons to choose CC FormAT as a manufacturer of you autobelays.

  1. Several times cheaper than analogues, which makes it affordable and payback climbing wall, which was not previously. Individual purchase conditions allows you to get the price of autobelay up to $ 500. Instead of 2700-3300 $ for analogs.
  2. Unique double fall protection system
  3. Manufacturing in Russia and Ukraine for a week or two in any quantity, and you do not need to wait for a month or two to deliver from the US, because there were no other alternatives.
  4. Maintenance, repairing, replacing of parts, authorized service in the country without the need to pay for expensive delivery and communication in a foreign language.
  5. CC FormAT is the only company in the world that produces automatic insurance and climbing walls of any complexity on a turn-key basis.
  6. Only automatic insurance CC FormAT is certified in the Customs Union and Ukraine.


The price of autobelay for the climbing wall from CC FormAT will pleasantly surprise you. Before you buy an autobelay, consult us and get an individual discount!

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