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CC FormAT is the only company in the world that is a manufacturer of climbing walls of any complexity, the manufacturer of autobelay for them, and manages its own network of sports and entertainment climbing walls.

Many customers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus expressed their wish for us to have Russian autobelay for the climbing walls, certified for the requirements of the Customs Union. Now this has become a reality for both Russians and Ukrainians, where Ukrainian automatic insurance is manufacturing under the brand of CC FormAT under the international requirements of the European Union.

SK FormAT number one company

Construction of climbing walls. Climbing club. Manufacturing of autobelay

Design, 3-d visualization, construction and installation of climbing walls of any complexity in 4 CIS countries. Our clients are fitness clubs, children's centers, schools, kindergartens, universities, parks, shopping and entertainment centers, recreation centers, laser tag clubs, rope parks, private companies, individuals, military and fire departments.

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#1 manufacture of autobelay for sports climbing walls and climbing walls in the CIS. Unique double fall protection system.

Own network of sports and entertainment climbing walls. We launched many of sport climbing walls and attractions, organized and conducted more than 50 sports competitions and climbing festivals of different levels (from club festivals to national championships), organized many of rock outings to Europe, as well as the participation of our athletes at the European and World Climbing Championships.

Why did we decide to make autobelay for climbing walls?

Based on our own experience in managing the network of climbing walls, as well as daily communication with customers of construction of climbing walls, we saw a number of problems in the existing system of belaying in climbing in the CIS.

SK FormAT number one company

The common for all owners of climbing walls are employees (instructors).

First, there are not enough trained specialists. And this leads to a constant expenditure of time and money for the search and training of new employees.

Secondly, any instructor on a high-altitude climbing wall is a human factor in all senses of the word.

Thirdly, on the climbing walls with a few tracks, with only traditional manual belay, you need a constantly changing schedule: from one to ten instructors at a time. At what the schedule is made under concrete group actions. In addition, here it is not always possible to find an operatively sufficient number of necessary and suitable employees for the position of the instructor of the climbing wall. And there are hours when 30-40 qualified instructors need to cope with 30-40 tracks simultaneously.


Need an autobelays

Existing autobelays in the market are quite expensive: from $2500

And this causes two other problems:

Firstly, due to the high cost of such autobelays they are unprofitable for business, with the exception of 2-3 cities with million population, where the high salary of employees and a high average check for visiting the climbing wall.

In particular, in Moscow, where 1 hour of visiting a climbing wall can cost $ 15, and the salary of 1 instructor can be 500-800 $, existing autobelays can be profitable. Nevertheless, not even for all Moscow climbing walls such kind of solution is profitable.

It is worth considering that the existing autobelay is made (made before the emergence of autobelay FormAT) only in the US, where this is a normal price of 2-3 thousand USD, if consider their salaries and living standards. At the same time, for Europe, where American autobelay is delivering at a more expensive price, this is also adequate price. In fact, the manufacturers are oriented to these markets, and not the CIS markets.

Secondly, customers wishing to purchase a climbing wall and carry a minimum of risks, raises a reasonable question: why autobelay is more expensive than the climbing wall with a height of 7.5 meters?

Because of the existing high cost and inconsistency with the realities of the CIS, a number of investors and businessmen simply refuse to invest in the construction of climbing walls. And this, from our point of view, at least does not contribute to the goals of advancing rock climbing.

Our company calculated and, on average, for the CIS, derived economically available price from $500 to $2,000. for autobelay with delivery. There are the numbers that will allow the progress of climbing as entertainment and sports and will attract new interest to this so useful climbing.


Autobelay should cost from $500 to $2,000

Analysis of existing autobelay systems, problems with their operation, reviews and incidents all over the world led us to understand that a 100% guaranteed insurance system is necessary.

In particular, one of the first manufacturers had to withdraw hundreds of their autobelays because of accidents. It should be noted that they occurred not because of the failure of the work of autobelay, but because of untimely maintenance by the owners of the climbing walls. In particular, because of violation of the rules of operation, the brake pads were erased and stopped to brake properly.

As a result, we have introduced a combined system of existing in the world technologies of climbing and mountaineering.

So, we applied a unique double fall protection system, where even if the owner of the autobelay negligently or intentionally violated the terms of maintenance and replacement of brake consumables, even if the brake pads go through 10 more times the number of lifts and descents, the FormAT autobelay will not let the climber fall, but will block the fall in any case.


Double fall protection system

Existing US proposals (and we don’t have any others yet) in any case imply for an annual expensive and long-term maintenance with the need to remove autobelay from the climbing wall, send to foreign service centers and wait for their devices back for weeks.

Of course, this is:

a) entails a loss of profit and
b) carries unnecessary high costs ($200-$300 per year).

Otherwise, in case of refusal of regular maintenance, the customer loses the guarantee and the manufacturer's responsibility for the serviceability of the device is completely removed.


Fast (1-2 weeks) and inexpensive (50-100 $) maintenance and replacement of consumables.

In a number of state tenders for purchases of climbing walls, in which we successfully participated and won, there were requirements for the purchase of exclusively or priority homeland equipment and materials. And this is not the whims of customers, but the requirements of the existing legislation of a number of CIS countries.

Of course, American autobelay is contrary to these standards and requirements.


Homeland manufacturer.

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