Routine inspection

To maintain the warranty and ensure the safe operation of devices, TwinPoint autobelay is subject to routine inspection for use once a year, but not more than 50,000 ascents/descents, which ONLY must be carried out by an authorized service center or manufacturer of CC FormAT.

It is FORBIDDEN to use an autobelay after the date indicated on the certificate of routine inspection.

Operation of TwinPoint autobelay without a valid certificate of routine inspection will invalidate the warranty of the manufacturer of CC FormAT and make autobelay unsuitable for use.

The expiration date of the service life is indicated repeatedly on the main case of autobelay.

Delivery of autobelay for scheduled maintenance and back to the buyer is carried out at the expense of the buyer. To send an autobelay, you must keep the original packaging for the entire life of the autobelay.

At the onset of the period of routine inspection, it is necessary to send autobelay to an authorized service center or manufacturer of CC FormAT at the address specified in this manual.

The cost of routine inspection does not include the replacement of webbing line, spare parts and parts that are worn, not corresponding to the correct operation of autobelay, as well as spare parts (brake pads, etc.) and parts that have expired, and therefore they must be replaced.

Upon the fact of routine inspection, CC FormAT issues a certificate.

In the process of routine inspection in case of need of repair, replacement parts and / or spare parts that are ran-out, which does not correspond to the correct operation of autobelay, an authorized service center or a manufacturer of CC FormAT will notify the buyer in the shortest possible time for further repairment or replacement of parts and consumables after payment of the invoice.

In the certificate of routine inspection, the results of inspection and testing of the full webbing line, carbine, brake mechanism (brake pads, weighting devices), locking mechanism (pawls of the ratchet mechanism, springs), retractor mechanism, fastening mechanism (handle) are indicated. For each of these parts, the inspector of the authorized service center or the manufacturer of the CC FormAT makes the appropriate mark: "breakdown", "missing", "expired", "normal condition", "new part", etc. with the final conclusion "suitable for further operation" or "prohibited for further use".

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Production maintenance, replacement of parts and spare parts
Checking and replacing the webbing line
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