Auto belay
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TwinPoint auto belay

TwinPoint auto belay for climbing walls

TwinPoint autobelay is a specially designed climbing device that allows you to practice climbing without a partner. When climbing to the top, the webbing line itself retracts into the device, and if you break or let go of your hands, the webbing line descends the climber smoothly. You can climb at your own pace, focusing on perfecting your technique and reaching new heights, without worrying about falling or losing control. Regardless of your weight or the speed of your climb, the TwinPoint autobelay will always provide a smooth and safe descent!

Reasons to choose TwinPoint auto belay device:

  • The best auto belay price on the market
  • Unique double fall protection system
  • Option of descending and webbing retraction speed settings

The TwinPoint auto belay provides a maximum belay height of 16 m, allowing it to be used for both fun and sport climbing at 15.55 m high speed climbing walls.

The TwinPoint auto belay can be used for climbers weighing between 10 and 150 kg.

The TwinPoint auto belay is easy to install, maintain and use, and is guaranteed to be reliable with minimal operating and maintenance costs.

The TwinPoint auto belay is suitable for both fun climbing and sport climbing, with the exception of bouldering and traverses up to 3m high where European standard safety mats are used.

The TwinPoint auto belay can be used on both vertical climbing walls and high-speed climbing walls with an overhanging of 5 degrees.

Технические характеристики и комплектация
Classification according to CE Class A descent control device
Max descent height 16 m
Min descent speed 0.5 m/s
Max descent speed 2 m/s
Webbing line retraction speed 3 to 5 m/s depending on the climbing
Min weight of the climber 10 kg
Max weight of the climber 150 kg
Acceptable temperature for using autobelay from +1° to +45°
Dimensions of autobelay 370 х 290 х 190 mm
Weight of autobelay 21 kg
Materials aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, plastic
Webbing line polyamide Dyneema yarn lanyard, 20mm width, 2.0mm thickness, tenacity min. 23 500 N
Mounting of safety harnesses to webbing line swivel with two triple locking carabiners

TwinPoint autobelay tested, complies with the following standards and safety rules:

  • EN 341:2011 Class A
  • EN 360:2002
  • RFU PPE-R/11.128 Version 1

EU-Type Examination Certificate
for Safe Auto Belay Devices

EU-Type Examination Certificate
Safe and Efficient Climbing with the TwinPoint Auto belay

The TwinPoint autobelay is the best solution for climbing where there are many routes. When even for 30-40 simultaneously operating routes, 1-2 instructors are enough for the full-fledged work of the club with autobelay.

Climbing belay is easy to install, maintain and usage, also guaranteed to be reliable at minimum operating costs and maintenance costs.

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