Automatic equipment for Safe Climbing

Here, you will find detailed information about the various components that make up an auto belay system, including the use of triple-lock carabiners, mounting points, crash pads, webbing lines and belay gates. When it comes to climbing, it's important to prioritize safety by selecting a high-quality auto belay and ensuring that you have all the necessary accessories to protect yourself and those around you. We offer safe climbing solutions!

  • Крепление автоматической страховки к скалодрому с помощью карабинов

    Triple-lock carabiners

    TwinPoint autobelay is supllied with two triple-lock carabiners for attaching the webbing line to the harness.

    All carabiners, which are used to install and operate the TwinPoint autobelay, must match requirements of EN 362: 2004 "Personal protective equipment against falls from a height - Connectors". All carabiners must withstand loads with minimal tensile force 23 kN.

    The carabiner must be checked and must be in the normative condition before each climbing. The load in the carabiner must go only along the vertical direction.

    In the case when the carabiner is damaged or unsuitable for operation, it is necessary to replace the carabiner.

  • Готовый универсальный крепеж автоматической страховки к скалодрому или потолку

    Mounting point

    The TwinPoint mounting point match EN 12572 "Fastening points on the climbing wall", EN 795: 2012 “Anchoring devices” with the minimum load of 20 kN to each point.
  • Косынка для удержания страховочной стропы от втягивания в автоматическую страховку

    Crash pad

    Crash pad is used as impact absorbing material beneath a climbing wall filling the impact area designed to absorb the energy of a fall. It can also be used in the same way as a kerchief.

  • Косынка для удержания страховочной стропы от втягивания в автоматическую страховку


    The webbing line of autobelay, to which the climber is attached before the ascending, is constantly under tension. In this regard, for a time when the autobelay is not used, the webbing line must be locked so that it does not retract independently upward into the device at altitude. A good solution to this problem is the kerchief, which has an opening on one of the edges to attach the carbine to the webbing line. On the wide side, the kerchieg is firmly attached to the floor or to the climbing wall. Thus, when the autobelay is not used, the webbing line is attached to the kerchief in vertical position. When the climber climbs, the kerchief falls on the floor, not interfering with the ascent. At the same time, the kerchief also serves as a signal function for climbers on top.

  • Страховочная веревка для автоматической страховки

    Webbing line

    Webbing line is the best solution for autobelay, which can be replaced by the customer or an authorized person without having to send it to an authorized service center or to the manufacturer.

    The swivel is supplied as a single piece with a webbing line. 2 carabiners are fixing to swivel by two webbing lines.

    In case the wear and tear of the webbing line are beyond the acceptance limit, it’s needed to order in time a new webbing line as a replacement part so that the autobelay has not to be taken out of service during a delivery time when the actual webbing line is worn-off.