Autobelay for the climbing wall - support at a low price

Welcome to the Technical Support for the TwinPoint Auto belay! We understand the importance of ensuring the safety of climbers as well as the longevity of your auto belay device. That's why our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive technical support to keep your auto belay system in top condition. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Registration of autobelay

In connection with the coming into force of the warranty, the conditions of the CK FormAT, as well as prompt communication with owners and operators of autobelay and providing useful information REGISTER YOUR AUTOBELAY.


Annual factory recertification

To maintain the warranty and ensure the safe operation of devices TwinPoint autobelays are subject to annual factory recertification on the fact of use once a year, but not more than 50,000 descents, which must be carried out by ONLY an authorized service center or manufacturer of CK FormAT.


Replacement parts and consumables, repair and troubleshooting

The TwinPoint autobelay contains a number of replacement parts that can be replaced by the owner or an authorized person without having to send it to an authorized service center or the CK FormAT manufacturer.


Operation instructions, inspection and replacement of webbing line and nozzle

Regular inspection and replacement of webbing line are the two most important tasks of operators for the maintenance of autobelay.

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Rely on CK FormAT for peace of mind and secure operation of your auto belays.
Contact us today for technical support and to schedule your annual factory recertification.